INTO THE BLUE, 2023: A group show curated by Candice Berman

A group show curated by Candice Berman


Welcome to "Into the Blue," an exhibition that delves into the captivating world of the colour blue and its profound impact on artistic expression. This carefully curated collection celebrates the alluring power of this hue, a color that has long fascinated artists and viewers alike. Through a diverse range of artworks spanning various mediums, styles, and periods, this exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in the depth, symbolism, and emotional resonance that the colour blue evokes.

Blue, often associated with tranquility, serenity, and infinity, has a remarkable ability to evoke a multitude of emotions and narratives. As the primary focus of this exhibition, it offers a profound and evocative journey into the depths of human experience. The artworks presented here are a testament to the enduring fascination artists have had with blue throughout history.


In "Into the Blue," visitors will encounter artworks that utilize blue as a potent symbol, representing a wide range of concepts and themes. From the sky and the sea to the spiritual and the transcendental, the colour blue has been employed to convey ideas of vastness, spirituality, introspection, and freedom. Artists have harnessed its emotional and metaphorical potential, using blue as a language to communicate their innermost thoughts, desires, and dreams.


Variations and Interpretations: One of the remarkable qualities of blue is its incredible versatility. Throughout the exhibition, visitors will encounter a rich array of blue shades, each with its unique character and meaning. From the serene and delicate pastel blues to the deep and mysterious indigos, artists have explored the full spectrum of this hue, allowing it to manifest in diverse forms, textures, and brushstrokes. This exploration showcases the boundless creativity and endless possibilities that the colour blue affords artists.


"Into the Blue" spans both historical and contemporary art, highlighting the enduring fascination with this colour throughout the ages. The exhibition brings together iconic blue works from renowned artists of the past, such as Yves Klein's intense blue monochromes and Johannes Vermeer's luminous atmospheric paintings. Alongside these historical masterpieces, contemporary artists contribute their interpretations of blue, reflecting the evolving narratives and cultural contexts of our time.


The immersive experience of "Into the Blue" goes beyond visual perception, inviting visitors to engage with blue on a multisensory level. The exhibition employs light, sound, and texture to heighten the emotional impact of the artworks, creating an atmosphere that immerses the viewer in the essence of blue. By stimulating multiple senses, we hope to deepen the connection between the viewer and the artworks, enhancing the appreciation of the colour blue's inherent beauty and significance.


"Into the Blue" is an exploration of the profound impact of this captivating colour on artistic expression. Through an eclectic and thought-provoking collection of artworks, visitors are invited to embark on a journey that unveils the symbolic, emotional, and sensory dimensions of blue. By delving into the depths of this evocative hue, we celebrate the power of art to engage, inspire, and transcend boundaries, reminding us of the enduring fascination with the colour blue across time and cultures.