"Where did we begin? If we’re here now, where could we have come from?

If all knowledge was lost in our mental and recorded history, what would we believe? With the death of language, religious foundation and universal expertise in the sciences, what new stories would we tell?"

Sarah Grace can’t remember a time without art. She was homeschooled by her parents (both fine artists) and was given the freedom to paint and create from a young age. As the granddaughter of farmers, Grace also learned a love of nature through the gardens and fields that her family nurtured. Outside of art, Sarah is a homebody and wife – passionate about food and wine, close to family, her friends, and her cat.


Grace is fascinated by the tension between our synthetic lives and the natural eco-systems that initiated our existence, finding a connection with a form of storytelling that predates civilization. Her choice of medium, technique, objects and subject matter was inspired by mythological symbolism and study at multiple scales of the ecological universe. The work celebrates the beauty of nature at these levels, embracing the connection between real and imaginary life forms; it explores the harmony of living in accordance with nature, and the damage done by a society that has forgotten this balance. Using non-traditional methods of painting to pour, scrape and slide paint over the canvas, with tools not commonly found in painting, to create stains and pools of colour that echo shadows and textures found in natural spaces, Grace layers textures to create a sense of movement and life in every painting.