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Visit our new online art shop, where you can buy South African art originals and prints. Our trusted team of friendly and professional installers will come to your home free of charge (Johannesburg only).

*Please take note that the prices listed are inclusive of 15% VAT and framing details are specified on items.


Live with your selected artworks for 3 days and if the artwork does not work in your space we will offer a full refund or credit.

We offer free delivery to Johannesburg-based clients, or collection from the gallery.
Nationwide courier service available – we will provide a quote on purchase, or you may use your own courier.

Art Advisory

Candice Berman and her team of curators and art conultants assist clients and collectors to build or extend their private or corporate collections. The gallery works primarily with South African artists who produce their works in and of the country, from Johannesburg to Cape Town. We focus on developing the careers of young, emerging talent as well as working with artists of higher acclaim.

The gallery aesthetic focuses primarily on the expressionist style with a fine art focus. However, when consulting, we work according to the collector’s needs and collaborates with artists and galleries outside of the artists represented by Candice Berman Gallery.

Our interest is to build diverse art collections that are centred around the focus of the client or collector be it for aesthetic or investment purposes.

Candice Berman - Art Advisory

Custom Framing

certified framerWe do custom & boutique framing to the 5 levels as prescribed by the British Fine Art Trade Guild and is also a qualified Guild Commended Framer. Our workshop is also the only Fine Art Trade Guild certified Advanced Conservation Framer in South Africa.

We do your framing to the Guild’s prescribed specification sheet either to the minimum level, budget level, commended level, conservation level, as well as museum level depending on customer requirements. If correctly framed and labeled with our Fine Art Trade Guild labels you will not have any rejections at international auction houses.

We can also finish any of our natural profiles to any size and finish required, and have recently perfected the round frame profile in any finish.

Large paintings are always a problem. We can now manufacture lengths of up to 5 meters if required.

We also cater for hotels and developments requiring specially designed mouldings and artwork or prints. From the inception we work with the architects or interior designers meeting their exact needs.

We work closely with numerous corporate and private collectors as well as established designers by assisting in curating art collections. We offer a full framing service, guide installations and aid in diversifying our clients collections.

Protective Screens

Candice Berman Gallery is registered as an essential service, manufacturing and installing both hanging and desktop plexiglass protective screens.

These physical shields protect against respiratory droplets as they act as a discreet, physical barrier. Reception areas, pharmacies, doctor’s waiting rooms and schools are all places where your employees interact with your customers. Our plexiglass hanging and desktop screens are the perfect solution for your business to protect your staff and customers against the coronavirus.

Plexiglas is shatter-proof, flexible and strong. Our range includes screens in various customisable sizes. We also will be able to make customised products if needed. Plexiglass is a superior product and comes with a 3 year guarantee against yellowing. We have enough stock available as we often use it in our framing process.


Most of you know our team of installers. We will come to your premises to measure and install the finished product into ceiling panels or solid ceilings.

Plexiglass installed with brackets hanging. Rounded or square corner options available:

150 x 80cm
180 x 80cm
100 x 80cm
100 x 60cm
80 x 60cm

ETA 1 working day

We have also designed a range of plexiglass countertop standing screens which can be made to any size.
100 x 70cm
80 x 70cm

Art Installations

Our team includes superbly trained installers, adept at handling and hanging artworks to the highest standards, and consultants who collaborate with clients to curate their unique collections.

The Team

At Candice Berman Gallery, we view the world with a curious eye – a curiosity that drives our selection of artists. Our fascination is with the cultural and personal narratives behind the works, which the artists infuse into their expressions. We believe it’s our calling to support the development of our artists and create novel opportunities for their work to be shared with the country and the world.

Since its birth in 2013, the Candice Berman Gallery has grown to be recognised as a premier destination in Johannesburg for fine art collectors from all over the world. The range of media represented in our collection includes everything from painting and photography to sculpture and prints. The aesthetic primarily regards artists working within the Expressionist Movement.

Our team includes superbly trained installers, adept at handling and hanging artworks to the highest standards, and consultants who collaborate with clients to curate their unique collections. To support this service, we also offer custom and boutique framing to the British Fine Art Trade Guild’s Five Levels, as a certified Guild-Commended Framer.

We see it as our privilege to introduce our clients to raw talent and unusual pieces with which to expand and extend their collections. We invite all art enthusiasts to visit the fresh exhibitions we regularly host in our gallery space, where we introduce our clients to new work and the artists creating it.

Candice Berman
Candice Berman
Gallery Manager
Thulani Khumalo
Neo Maloi