The artworks explore human nature’s pursuit to be whole. Geometric planes of X-rays float above organic ink washes of landscapes. Meshed within this are intricate architectural details of urban structure and inner chaos. The elements dance together in a fluid harmony creating a beauty and wholeness worth pursuing.

The artworks explore human nature’s pursuit to be whole.

From afar the fragments of x-ray float and journey through space in some random but contradictory organized fluid movement. Ink organic wash represents a freedom of space, transience and a balanced environment.

Meshed within this is the intricate landscape of architectural planes. Geometric shapes originally start in an organized fashion building layers upon each other until there is a dense overlapping of structures. Obvious reflections of our cities, population and inner chaotic state.

Floating ethereally are fragments of x-rays (now obsolete). The x-rays are transparent, windows into ourselves. They float, intersect, overlap in joyous movement, navigating planes in a pursuit to be whole and in harmony with structures and our natural environment. The abstract angular forms indicative of the various planes, realities and alternate dimensions we may explore.

The overall fragmentation seems that this pursuit will be fruitless however viewed holistically, the dance and journey of all these elements together is perhaps the beauty, answer and ultimate wholeness we are seeking.