Peter Hall

“I try to paint images that tell a story and capture the unique personality of each subject. And of course, there should always be some intrigue.” Following on from my work in Argentina during 2009 where I did my first cityscapes, in particular, night scenes, I later in 2010 spent time in Paris doing more street and suburban scenes. On returning to South Africa I initially focused my attention on Cape Town street scenes, urban areas of Johannesburg and only later in 2013 did I start doing work from within the Johannesburg city centre. There are so many facets to a city so I strive to make sure that I paint the unique character and mood of that city. In the case of Johannesburg though I have been using more and more “nostalgia” a key element of bringing out the viewers own personal relationship with the city.
I seek out weather and light that enhance this intrigue and mystery… rainy days or very early morning light. Abstraction plays a key role in allowing this connection….the viewer is meant to be only given certain triggers that will spark their own unique relationship with the scene. The reference photos I refer to as my “drive by shootings” – a process of driving around taking random photos that I then pour over at home in my studio and use the elements of that outing that interest me.

Peter Hall

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