Louise Almon

I have developed the technique of my multi-layered monotypes over many years. It is a technique of applying oil-based ink onto a large surface of the glass and lifting off the colour, layer by layer and allowing the colour to dry between each lift-off. Once I have a number of layers of colour, I roll black ink onto the glass and then place the layered paper face down on the black ink and draw the image that I have in mind. The drawing appears on the back of the paper and so when I “lift off” I see the result in reverse and am constantly delighted with the spontaneity of the line drawing. Each work is unique and impossible to reprint.

Louise Almon
louise almon


Textures, 2019

She Thought she knew it All
Blue Moon

City Walkers

Irma Stern Museum Collection, 2019

Presence I
Portrait II, (Green) 2015, SOLD

Portraits & Nudes