Kutlwano Angela Monyai

I come from a place where most people strongly believe in ancestral bondage, that is what has been the driving factor in my work hence I dig up and unpack the history of where I and the generations before me come from and how they lived in spiritual circles. This bondage is aligned with physical, spiritual and emotional connections to places of birth to those that we evolve to occupy and make our own. It comes as a form of communication through dreams and prayer. It is a journey impacting the psychological paradigm, socio-conventional systems around cultural believes and family dynamics.
Maps are a metaphorical site for me to investigate and interpret these elements of my personal life experiences and recognize abstract relationships to eventually be able to denote and narrate events through their spaces and time.
The use of fabrics is an emphasis to the cultural bond and is used as a symbol for abstract indigenous and contemporary identities. The processes of deconstructing patterns, mapping bodies and layering landscapes allows a further interpretation, better understanding into land ownership and spiritual connections, dream experiences and traditional influences within a contemporary society.

Kutlwano Monyai


Mapped Diaries Series