Karen Stewart

KAREN STEWART studied Fine Arts at Wits University and Graphic Design at the Johannesburg Art Foundation in the late 80s. In 2007 she completed her Masters in Illustration at Stellenbosch University, specialising in botanical art. Since then she has participated in several group and solo exhibitions. In 2008 she curated the Kirstenbosch Botanical Art Biennale. The following year she was commissioned by Tokara Wine Estate to add to its botanical collection. In 2013 Karen founded the Ah HA Company, which facilitated design thinking processes to unlock creative solutions to challenges. She is also the founder of Bright Sparks Creative Play, a non-profit company dedicated to bettering creative and entrepreneurial skills of teachers and children in underprivileged Early Childhood preschools.

Karen Stewart

Loss of Perspective, 2020

Palimpsest, 2019

The Day His Ship Sailed I
Stewart Suter Lagos

Flyovers & Drivebys, 2019

I Love My City,2019


Catch the Feeling, 2019

Big in Japan, 2019

Big in Japan 10
Dotty process_5

Dotty Series, 2019

Anxiolytic Effect, 2019

berman-swart-anxiolytic (11) copy
I Love Hockney II

I Love David Hockney, 2018

Sun Spots, 2018

Weather Girl Process_3

Weather Girls, 2017

Streets Ahead, 2017

Streets process_5