John Vusi Mfupi

Mfupi’s work portrays celebration of youth and mobility; dealing with human life matters that affect people globally. Mfupi’s style has developed into his well known up cycled collage technique, not only is this technique an efficient means of production as an artist living in a small space, the materials also play vital a role in portraying his concepts. Mfupi majored in painting at third year and after graduating discovered artist’s need space, not only work space, but also for storage. His solution was to replace paint with magazines. He comments on his solution, “Canvases are bulky, paper collages can be packed flat and easily stored. With collages, I'd make 20 or more artworks and stash them under my bed. I was only a couple of years out of the college, and it was tough getting going. I had no space and had to buy art materials; I started using magazines because the only thing I needed was colour.”

John Vusi Mfupi

Color Collage Works

The Doors of Education on Fire

Burned Paper Portraits, 2016

john vusi mfupi - assembling-the-ghetto


Farmer 2