I create art under the rules of authenticity and honesty. South Africa has a grit to it that, while sometimes raw is inspiringly electric and bold. This has influenced my overlapping styles. I work intuitively, it’s about the process of creating and less about the end result. In fact, I very seldomly plan a painting ahead or have an end goal in mind. It’s spontaneous and grows organically , turning the abstract into concrete. I’m always fascinated by the insight it provides. I like to work with texture and bold imagery, layers upon layers, I sometimes like to mix it up with wire and paper mache` sculptures and art installations made from objects I find lying around. It’s all multi dimensional, mostly without any self imposed rules or limitations. This means it isn’t always aesthetically comfortable or beautiful . Just like life. It’s worth throwing on a page and being courageous to explore and experiment. I’m an activist against the stigma and shame around mental health issues, as well as other social issues that I feel inspire me to process through a spontaneous medium. I personally deal with a variety of mental illnesses, I use art as a means to heal and to hopefully encourage others to do the same, even if that just means making people who identify with it to feel seen and less alone. I embark on a journey of revealing my true myself, which isn’t always pretty , but is valid and necessary. Keeping in my mind that vulnerability, empathy and compassionate humanity is strength, but also active mental and emotional evolution. Messy art that keeps me less messed up.

Hannah de Freitas