Thabo Pitso - Fake NewsFAKE NEWS

Thabo Pitso

10 – 30 October 2020

Curated by Candice Berman


*Fake becoming fact because of mass appeal. Creating fake news that becomes truth and ultimately creates a particular narrative that is influenced by social classification.

Are we being served information that is not truthful and misleading in order to gain financially or politically? How independent is the media really?

Pitso’s understanding is that the results being a well-constructed tool of propaganda that furthers a self-interest agenda. How does this agenda influence our interpretation of the socio-political landscape?

“The effects of fake news during the 2020 lockdown due to the corona virus has done little less to glorify and uphold the reputation of both government and the business sector.

While the normal folk on the street are left caught up in the maze of daily survival and having to make a “normal” living, others seem unaffected by the global interruption.

“I am left with questions of “purpose” and the stories people tell themselves to prepare for the uncertainty of the present day. One has to play a double agent.”

Thabo Pitso, 2020