Bianca Shoul

Bianca Shoul, born in 1980, lives and works in Johannesburg.
Coming from a strong design background, entrenched for many years in the advertising industry and then in the branding network, she brings a very focused eye and unbelievable design strengths into her résumé. “My work is about a collection and manipulation of personal iconography which I’m in the process of developing into abstract prints and images that embody my own intrinsic logographic pictoral language. The concept of this language was born out of me becoming a mother and obsessing on details between my child and I, ie: breasfeeding times, nap times and routines that engulfed us and connected us.
I recorded everything.
And then, with all the data, I made a system of communication to represent all these emotional, loud/silent connections between us.” The works are essentially multi layered forms of print ranging from monoprinting, stencil making, direct printing method linocuts, direct colouring and spray stencils.