The Thinking Rabbit

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Lindsay has used the title of this project as a point of departure.  Her creative process almost always begins with some form of handwork, cutting, building, stitching, or knitting; the rhythmic motion of her hands allows her into a place of meditative thought.

Loyal to the china shard theme that runs through her work, elements of previous explorations in this field have been incorporated and reinvented. These have been abstracted, spliced, and laminated onto the lower part of the work, along with other references to her craft.

The Thinking Rabbit has been partially embellished, elevating it above a merely decorative object, yet acknowledging its original state. Suspended from the rabbit’s paws, hangs a Fair Isle knitted panel illustrating this thought process. At first, literal and decorative elements, but as the panel evolves, deconstructed imagery and symbols come into play, creating a narrative. The Thinking Rabbit is positioned on a plinth (a totem) weathered flotsam of the ocean. The plinth references the shard concept – jetsam: broken, discarded, lost, and perhaps forgotten.

Lindsay Quirk

Lindsay Quirk runs her own Printmaking Studio at Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie. She is a specialist in reduction colour woodblock printmaking and copper plate colour etching and her art practice includes teaching printmaking classes to adults.

Instagram: @ lindsay_quirkprintmaker

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The Thinking Rabbit

All proceeds to The Thinking Fund.


All proceeds to The Thinking Fund.

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