Keep dreaming

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At the time of printing her current series of woodblock prints, Kristen made impressions on a very fine 12gsm textile, Abaca, which is usually used to rehabilitate valuable books and manuscripts. These experimental pieces have been used to transfer two dimensional woodblock prints onto the rabbit, using collage.

Kristen’s rabbit “Keep dreaming” is a message from the artist: It is never too late to change the course of events, learn something new, pursue a dream, find someone or something to love, or dredge up the energy to remake yourself.

Kristen McClarty

Kristen is fine art printmaker and textile artist. She has spent 2021 developing a new body of printmaking work, woodblock, monotype, and water colour to translate feelings of immersion in a place. This work covers her interaction with the environment of the Cape. Kristen’s textile art practice spans between natural handmade surface design and stitched work.

Instagram: @kristenmcclarty_art/

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Keep dreaming

All proceeds to The Thinking Fund.


All proceeds to The Thinking Fund.

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