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One afternoon as I was lifting floorboards during house renovations, I discovered layers of newspaper, lining the floors of my old Kommetjie home. The antique Cape Times was dated to 1898! I was completely enamoured by this find and transported back to the era of my grandparents, penny-wheel bicycles and selling sheep in Adderley Street.


I have cherished these vintage papers close to my heart. With the Thinking Fund initiative, I dug inside my archives and decided to give these newspapers a new life. I combined them with antique lace elements that I collected through the years. This piece is an ode to my history and heritage, bringing old and new together in present moment.

Michele Koch

Michele Koch is a local potter, born and bred in Kommetjie. She is the founder of Love & Lace Ceramics, started 35 years ago. Michele draws inspiration from our beautiful coastal village of Kommetjie, where she still lives.
Instagram: @loveandlaceceramics

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Cape Times

All proceeds to The Thinking Fund.


All proceeds to The Thinking Fund.

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