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Looking for Moss I, 2020
Archival inkjet image on Felix Schoeller True Fibre
29.7 x 42cm

The artist books made during my Guernsey residency early 2020 are a search for stories. Each book contains its own multiple sets of stories. Looking for Moss I is an exploration of the things that can be found when we look and listen closer, which are often otherwise overlooked. The title, Looking for Moss, is inspired by the moss that grew all over the island, covering walls and statues. They also covered Nazi forts built by Jewish slaves, dolmens left by pagans, remnants of the witch trials which killed at least 66 women on the island, as well as towers meant to protect the island from the violence of the Napoleonic era. Daisies, clover and moss took back the island from the spaces intended (and never used) for war. Such stories can be found on every square meter of the island, and reading through the book, readers are invited to follow my footsteps to explore some of these instances through my eyes. Meanwhile modern Guernsey citizens continue to make new stories, which I also recorded as I encountered them. The words contained within the book are a reminder of what it means to look closer, to find the stories behind what, or who, we encounter.


ASAP 2021


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