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Portals II, 2018
Archival inkjet image on Felix Schoeller True Fibre
29.7 x 42cm

I use the pottery making from the Xhosa Culture and translate it into the present time. As a person labelled Coloured, my white heritage has always been promoted and nobody spoke about my black heritage. I felt like something was missing. Using the Xhosa tradition of pottery making is helping me to go on a journey of self-discovery, both ancestral & spiritual.

I used clay and paper to create my sculptures. On its own clay can be fragile, but if paper is incorporated the paper fibres strengthen the final ceramic product. The clay represents my African heritage and the paper my European heritage. Together they form my rich, strong, mixed heritage. The Fragility and Strength of the ceramics also represent the feminine and masculine aspects within myself and the importance to find the balance. This is important to me, especially since our current society had been conditioned to believe that masculine aspects are more important to be successful. With this imbalance in us it can lead to inhumane behaviour.


ASAP 2021


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