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Faceless embodiment, 2021
Archival inkjet image on Felix Schoeller True Fibre
29.7 x 42cm

This current series is titled Tshobotsi: A disjunctive Cognition. Tshobotsi is a Setswana word that means a feature. The word is mostly used when describing a person’s facial expression or their face. A disjunctive cognition refers to a phenomenon that was recognized by a psychoanalyst Mark Blechner. It is simply a dream phenomenon that acknowledges the events of dreaming, whereby different pieces of perception do not align with each other even though the dreamer is aware of the lack of consistency, it can be continue to be fixed image. Monyai is taking us through a journey of understanding through thoughts and experiences, she is slowly layering dream narratives on the surface from both an aerial and a terrestrial view. Narratives that forces her to confront these events or identify a tormenting figure to put to rest the unsettled mental actions.
The process comes through as meditation through senses and contemplation over experiences of dreams. Creating repetitive patterns and abstracted facial features and bodies is the hand and mind on a quest to pinning features that have been seen, figures that vaguely appears and disappears, and figures that appears as a certain characters, but feels like a completely different person. She has used her body features as the main character in this body of work, contoured and somewhere distorted, creating cartographical imprints of endless imagery. It becomes an internally conflicted dialogue that abstractly resurfaces through “Tshobotsi” of the artist.


ASAP 2021


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