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Burden, 2021
Archival inkjet image on Felix Schoeller True Fibre
29.7 x 42cm

The cloth, titled Burden has marks that reference maps or paths that are made by humans on the earth. Marks used on a map like slime dams, mining pits and mine dumps. The stitching is on one layer of fabric, revealing the residue of the connecting stitch behind the fabric as a tone of a mark made with pencil or charcoal would do. I have come to realise, we as humans are integrally connected to the earth. Through weaving, printing, layering and sewing I hope to visually reveal this connectivity. Through these techniques I am making marks with copper wire, wound tightly around coal pieces and thread on coal-soaked linen. Larger coal pieces weigh the cloth down at the bottom, distorting the map. The intersection of these compounds, alongside each other, overlaid, joined in conjunction and sometimes individually, come together to confer with each other.


ASAP 2021


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