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The Colony is a Kind of Creature XXII, 2020
Archival inkjet image on Felix Schoeller True Fibre
29.7 x 42cm

In 2019 I went on a residency to Knysna, a place which holds fond childhood memories for me. At the time I was confronted with death and grief in my own life and I hoped that this residency would be both a distraction and a time of healing for me. However, instead of being met with the forestry and lush landscape in my childhood memories, I was met with a barren one. I soon learnt of the wildfires of 2017 that completely eradicated the Knysna landscape.

The Colony is a Kind of Creature is a series of glass and wood sculptures that formed part of my solo-exhibition, hosted in 2020 by Berman Contemporary, titled “Sociogenesis: Resilience under Fire”, curated by Els van Mourik. To create this series of work, I collaborated with the Glass Forming Academy in Pretoria where I poured molten glass over pieces of wood which I collected in the Knysna forests. In this body of work, I look specifically at the role of carpenter ants in the regeneration of the ecosystem of the forest. The glass, a material created through immense heat, reflects the intricate galleries carved by the ants, drawing attention to the role of the colony in the healing of the ecosystem. It is in times of crisis, I believe, that humanity must focus on its shared interdependency, as it is our best hope for healing.


ASAP 2021


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