Anthropocene Androgyny Lepus Veritus

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She/He was difficult to name. He/She was a calculated and yet intuitively raw deconstruction of agitated acronyms and modern symbolism which are the embodiment of the pervasive dichotomy and flagrant hypocrisy of our modern zeitgeist. The piece is a stark departure from my most recent body of work which focused on drawing out beauty, which plays a large part in my practice.


The rabbit was an exercise in paradox; both in its literal creation which involved the deconstruction of the material, and in terms of its narrative and intentional persona which are a calculated and yet random act of contradiction. The one ‘golden ear’ is contrary to the other. The life breathed into the blank resin mould is in stark contradiction to the targeted prey which they/them/it becomes on its birth from innate object to considered testimony of our infinite paradigms. “Anthropocene” relates to the current epoch of environmental decay and destruction, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.

Adrian Owen

Adrian Owen is a self-taught mixed media artist who specialises in fine art, portraiture, and illustration. He has always preferred the tactility of traditional mediums and a hands-on approach to fine arts.

Instagram @adrianartist

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Anthropocene Androgyny Lepus Veritus

All proceeds to The Thinking Fund.


All proceeds to The Thinking Fund.

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